0.2 About Us

Our Production

Nine months of research have gone into making this product, including developing 17 prototypes with different producers. After visiting them countless times we finally decided on a partner in Yantai, China. They have exceeded our expectations with great technical sophistication and share our environmental vision, using exclusively natural colors and no chemicals. Yantai is close to Tokyo both geographically and culturally, and in the month-long intensive trial process working together we felt that we are sharing a passion to create a new generation of environmentally friendly textiles. We have set up a strict quality management process that integrates independent third parties into the production, certifying and guaranteeing that every single product will fulfill our customers’ high expectations in terms of working standards, textiles safety and environmental impact. 

Our Vision

Sleeping organic means caring for your health and skin, but also sparing a thought for the environment. The textile industry has polluted large bodies of water with synthetic dyes and used resources recklessly. This must end, and can. By using traditional knowledge of textile dyeing, and applying clean modern technology, we are able to produce dye without polluting or wasting water. Aizome Bedding has a zero-waste policy: no poisoning by-products and no chemicals used in the entire production chain, from growing the crops to using the dyes. 

The benefits are obvious to the environment and your health. Chemical irritants can cause discomfort or pain to patients suffering from skin diseases like psoriasis, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema or acne. Synthetic bedding provides nesting grounds for fungi, dust-mites and microbes that cause major inconvenience to people with allergies and often result in sleepless nights.

Organic bedding makes sense. With Aizome Bedding, you can lay your environmental and health concerns to rest.

Our Team

Our quest to provide high-quality bedding first came about while the mother of two of the co-founders was bed-bound for three years after chemotherapy. We then realized that what we need in medicine isn’t always high tech, but improving the basics. This ignited the passion to do something that is environmentally meaningful, has a health impact and combines smart technology with ancient wisdom. Our team now consists of nine people with experience in heath, skincare, dermatology, textiles, traditional dyeing, design, manufacturing and quality management. While most of us are based in Tokyo, our nationalities hail from countries as varied as Japan, India, Germany, Sweden and Spain.