More than a business

Our mission towards healthy, plant-based textiles is rooted in our personal history:

After the mother of our founder, Michel, was diagnosed with cancer, her skin became extremely sensitive. As she spent more time in bed, skin irritation started affecting her health. After a trip to the doctor, it was clear that her bedding was the source of her irritation.

Michel was driven to find a solution for his mother and anyone else suffering from skin conditions. During their stay in Japan, he and his partner Misa, learned about the benefits of plant-based dyeing in the ancient tradition of Indigo dyeing, known as aizome. Together with a team of scientists, they developed an innovative method to unlock the benefits of plant-based dyeing for home textiles. In 2018, Aizome successfully launched their first collection, picked up by editorial media such as Forbes, Fast Company, and The Independent. 


Zero synthetic chemicals 

Aizome was founded on a single principle: zero synthetic chemicals.

From the field to your bed, we made it our mission to create a healthier, more sustainable alternative for sleep – one safe for you and the planet. We’re eliminating harmful chemicals in the process, and using the power of plants instead. No pesticides. No synthetics. No petrochemicals. Only plant-based materials. That means we keep our water pollution-free, and our skin healthy and happy. Because there is no alternative to healthy sleep, only zero-chemical.


Trust begins with transparency

We believe real impact starts with honesty. See how Aizome bedding has been tried, tested and certified to ensure top-grade quality and commitment to our environment:

View our Antibacterial Test

View our GOTS Certification

View our Toxicology Report