David Green

As an engineer, David know's a thing or two about chemicals in textiles - and how they affect his sensitive skin. Before Aizome, many times David couldn't sleep through the night without itching himself awake. Now, with the help of Aizome bedsheets, he "doesn't have the extreme itchiness he use to have."

David says, "Aizome has allowed me to have better control over my skin condition, to relax, be less tired" - and we want spread the word to everyone: indigo and pure materials from nature can really help your sensitive skin.

Bob Newnham 

Bob and his wife Lourgie use to spend the Canadian winters with dry skin, sweaty bodies and itchy backs. Frustrated, he bought 800-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and antibacterial silver sheets - but they didn't help at all. He gave Aizome bed sheets a try and has never looked back.

With Aizome products, Bob says "my cremes, my ointments, and my skin worries have been locked up since Aizome." "My skin has finally started to relax" so Bob can get a good night sleep.

Customer Testimonial Compilation

This video features some of our early supporters, Mai, Andreas, Zac and Yuka, who bought Aizome bedsheets on our very first crowdfunding. Together with our early supporters, we became the most successful Japanese crowdfunding in 2018 and they have continued to support us. Join the Aizome tribe and experience the amazingness for yourself.

Aizome wins over New York

While we were in New York this summer, we wanted to know what New Yorkers (some of the toughest critics around!) thought of our Japanese-inspired wonder. See for yourself how great Aizome is, even at first touch!