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TOGETHER WE are making the world a healthier place to live (and sleep)

Research Associate

Your background: Bio-Tech / Textiles or Environmental Engineering
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Payment: Fixed

Sales Representative

Your background: Experience in selling face-to-face or by phone or email
Location: USA, Japan or remote
Payment: Commission based


Your background: Engineering or Online Marketing
Location: Anywhere in the world
Payment: Commission based


Your background: Design and Coding
Location: Anywhere in the world
Payment: Hourly rate
Loving Aizome and want to be part of it?
Email us at contact@aizomebedding.com and include JOB APPLICATION in the subject line. We would like to hear briefly who you are and what your passion is. And if possible, we’d love having a look at your CV or LinkedIn profile. If your job application is very short, full of errors or otherwise inappropriate we apologize in advance for not getting back to you.