Aizome Mesh Filters


Aizome Mesh Filters is used in combination with our Aizome Mask. These replaceable filters are made from non-woven mesh fabric that together with the Aizome Mask can reduce waste by 83% compared to disposable masks.

  • Additional filtration with combined use with Aizome Mask
  • 15 Daily Replaceable Filters per Package
  • Up to 83%* reduced waste in use with the Aizome Mask
  • Made from Non-woven Mesh Fabric
  • Aizome Mask sold separately

*Compared to average disposable mask


Aizome Mask: L7.6" x W3.1" x H4"

Aizome Mesh Filters: W5" x H2.75"



Aizome Mask: L19.5cm x W7.8cm x H10cm

Aizome Mesh Filters: W12.7cm x H7cm

This is not a certified medical device or personal protective equipment under the FDA / NIOSH / CDC / NPPTL / CE / BfArM guidelines. For personal and single use only. Not sterile packaged. Even when wearing a mask, the publicly recommended safety distance should be observed.

Tested by the Technological Centre for the Textile and Clothing Industry of Portugal (CITEVE) according to the following European norms as well as Portuguese specifications: WASHING AND DRYING / EN ISO 6330:2012; PERMEABILITY OF FABRICS TO AIR / EN ISO 9237:1995; BREATHABILITY AND PARTICLE FILTRATION CAPACITY - LEVEL 3 GENERAL USE MASKS / Technical Specifications by the Portuguese authorities DGS, Infarmed, ASAE and IPQ: April 14, 2020 (declaration of conformity pending until May 29, 2020)

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