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    • "Clean, minimalist and timeless indigo design"

    • "A bed set that is as stunning as it is environmentally friendly"

    • "The Best Bedding for Those with Sensitive Skin or Allergies"

    • “Sleep worry-free!”

Individual Items

Pillow Case

Pillow Case

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Bottom Sheet Drawstring

Bottom Sheet Drawstring

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Sleep Natural

Made from natural indigo and organic sateen-woven cotton.

Produced without any artificial chemicals

  • Skin supporting

    Rich in tryptanthrin, the antimicrobial ingredient in indigo that supports skin-healing for which these textiles have been known for millennia.

  • Incredibly soft

    Crafted high-thread count and hypoallergenic linen with organic certified long-stable cotton dyed with chemical-free natural indigo for a one-of-a-kind soft sleeping experience.

  • Zero pollution

    Natural dyeing is a zero waste process, while chemical dyeing is intensive in the use of petroleum-derived toxins, requiring bedding to be cleaned with up to 25,000 gallons of fresh water.

  • Save money

    You order, we produce: enjoy a premium product without the common markups of retail and licensing that amount up to 75% in luxury bedding ware.

  • Certified Quality

    Aizome Bedding uses GOTS certified organic cotton, dyes in an OEKO-TEX certified facility and gets a further certification from Q-Tec of Japan to guarantee a healthy, organic and toxin-free sleep experience. 

  • Safe for everybody

    Aizome Bedding is made with the highest quality materials and completely from organic materials. It is safe for children and those with a weakened immune system or hyper-sensitive skin. 

Complete sleep upgrade

Sheet Set

Sheet Set

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Bottom Sheet & Duvet Cover

Bottom Sheet & Duvet Cover

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